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Want to sell Rudy Project in your shop or practice? It's easy!

We have easy starter kits to get you up and running quickly as well as custom kits where you can define the product that would work best for your clients.

Get started today! Download the starter kit PDF below and complete all the necessary items and fax them back to us toll free at (877) 879-5922. Someone will contact you upon receiving your paperwork to get you up and running with Rudy Project.

Call us at (888) 860-7597, option #2 if you have any questions or need assistance.

Sell Rudy Project in your shop or practice.
Starter Kit For Optical Shops
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Starter Kit For Sport Stores
Get Started - Download New Account Starter PDF
11 Reasons To Carry Rudy Project
Exclusive Distribution - Since we're new in the U.S., distribution is limited and exclusive - come join Team Rudy!
Advertising, Advertising, Advertising - Our ad campaigns will drive consumers in by the droves.
Referrals, Referrals, Referrals - You'll be listed in the Dealer Locator section of our web site driving business to your door.
Best Starter Kits Around - Club Rudy is easy, simple and designed to help you get Rudy Project in stock and displayed beautifully!
Replacement Lens Guarantee (RLG) - If your consumers scratch 'em, we replace 'em (S&H only). No wonder its "The Best Lens Warranty in the Sunglass Business™." In addition to the RLG, we have a 3 year warranty on our frames and offer a NEW 1 year scratch replacement policy on our Rx lenses with a patient co-pay!
Free Hard Case & Cleaning Cloth - Every Rudy Project sunglass comes with a free hard case and soft microfibre cleaning cloth case, double protection.
Unique Products - Unique lightweight materials, total adjustability, reasonable prices and cool Italian designs.
Stock Rotation - We are happy to swap out slower movers and keep your turns flying.
Athletes, Athletes, Athletes - With over 12,000 high profile athletes wearing Rudy's, the product exposure and validation is phenomenal. Just look at Jan Ulrich, Erik Zabel, Michellie Jones, Chris McCormack, Hot Wheels, Subaru Factory Team, Prime Alliance, Jelly Belly, Team Rossignol and Telekom to name a few.
Good Margins - With limited distribution, you get full margin.
Plain & Simple.
Customer Service - You are priority #1. We don't have an attitude! When you're happy, we're happy.
How We Help!

FREE Gift With Purchase - Another way we help drive business to your practice!
2 FOR 1 - Buy a Rudy Project sunglass or helmet and get one of 6 items FREE!
Click2Brick - Order Rx Sport eyewear online and visit your local ECP to pick them up!