Rudy Project SNOW & MX GOGGLES

With the Klonyx conversion kit you can easily extend the abilities of your Klonyx goggles. Simply replace the lens and straps and you are ready for a new set of environmental challenges, from dirt to snow the Klonyx has your eyes covered.
Interchangeable Lenses
Fog Free Performance

The Klonyx air system has been designed with integrated air intakes that provide coninuous air exchnge without creating disturbing air flows. This system effectively prevents fogging and keeps your eyes dry under all conditions.

The Klonyx Rx interface & adapter fit perfectly into the frame with enough strength to withstand a serious downhill charge! Seeing clearly at high speed is critical and if you need vision correction, this is something that's been hard to accomplish until now.
Meet the Klonyx.
Rx Ready

Larry Grossman with Addicted to Bicycles reviews our Klonyx snow goggle and gives it two thumbs up!

Duration: 03:35
Source: Addicted to Bicycles YouTube Channel
Tags: klonyx, skiing, snowboarding, snow, kayvon red double lens, rx adapter.

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