Rudy Project HELMETS

The In-Mold technology is used to inject styrofoam into the mold containing the cap in polycarbonate at a very high pressure. This forms a seamless rigged structure more impact resistant and lighter than products made with traditional methods.
Safety Is P1
Comfort Is Key

Our latest invention for our riders comfort and protection, two interchangeable and washable paddings made of a new non-allergic and antiperspiration pile fabric, with and without a protective net let you manage the flow through ventilation based on your preferences and environmental conditions.

The latest development in Rudy Project technology: a micrometric disc with reinforced runners, special protective wings and a rear panel with diagonal holes for fixing straps. Precise micrometric regulation and height adjustment provide a perfect, personal fit and excellent stability. Easily adjusted with one hand even while wearing the helmet!
Ratcheting Adjustability
Vent Technology

Thanks to the strategic positioning of the external air openings and the unique air channel designs carved inside the hard shell, our helmets are extremely ventilated and very comfortable to wear.

Wingspan TT

Checkout how we built the fastest helmet on the planet! This video demonstrates our commitment to excellence and quality without sacrificing performance. Thanks to the cooperation between Rudy Project and John Cobb, the Wingspan can be considered the lightest, most ventilated and aerodynamically efficient TT helmet on the planet!

Duration: 01:56
Source: Rudy Project YouTube Channel
Tags: wingspan, time trial helmet, john cobb, wind tunnel.

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