Rudy Project
Rudy Project
Spyllo has two shapes
Light, practical and high-performance: Spyllo SUF are sports-based glasses designed for daily use. Unlike traditional sight models, in fact, Spyllo Suf has a wraparound front in extremely light Kynetium material. But the real innovation of Spyllo SUF is the energized temple technology, a flexible temple system which ensures that the temples, if extended, tend to go back immediately to their initial position, thereby ensuring a firm and comfy fit at the same time. The temples, in fact, are made with the over-moulding of two types of rubber: rigid at the top and soft at the bottom, to guarantee total comfort. The ends are replaceable and have a harmonic steel insert which, thanks to the special machining of the core, ensures both vertical and horizontal adjustment. So, highly-advanced technology, but also a lot of colour. Spyllo SUF also offers ornaments in the same colour as the ends and is available in two different lens shapes, and even with a rimless structure (Spyllo Rimless). RX, PRESCRIPTION EYEWEAR, DRESS WEAR, OPHTHALMIC FRAME


RX Method(s) -
Rx Direct

This product is Rx-able by placing prescription lenses directly inside the frame. We feature polycarbonate lenses in standard tints as well as polarized options and our Digital FreeForm TEK™ photochromic lenses that are the latest in cutting-edge Rx Sport lens technology.

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