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Rudy Project Magster Tennis Sunglasses
Magster Tennis Sunglasses
Rudy Project Noyz Tennis Sunglasses
Noyz Tennis Sunglasses
Rudy Project Rydon Tennis Sunglasses
Rydon Tennis Sunglasses
Ability Tennis Sunglasses
Ability Tennis Sunglasses
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Rudy Project Light Tennis Hat
Light Tennis Hat - White
Rudy Project Light Tennis Hat
Light Tennis Hat - Black
Rudy Project Tri Ultralight Running Hat
Tri-Ultralight Tennis Hat - Red
Rudy Project Tri Ultralight Tennis Hat
Tri-Ultralight Tennis Hat - White
Rudy Project Tennis Visor
Tennis Visor - Yellow
Rudy Project Tennis Visor
Tennis Visor - Black
Tennis Sunglasses by Rudy Project


Fight for every ball, run to the last inch of the court, give every ounce of strength, give everything, until you hear the cheers of the crowd that crown the last point of the final set Under the sun or in the wind, the tennis player must give of his best, as any distraction could affect an entire match.
This is why Rudy Project has created a series of tennis glasses designed especially for those who play tennis, which ensure:

  • perfect fit thanks to our ergonomic design and total comfort system, which provides adjustable temple arms and nosepiece systems
  • optimal ventilation with technically superior ventilation systems which is key in a sport featuring speeds that may not be extreme, but still require clear vision with no-fogging
  • perfect vision in any environment thanks to our interchangeable lenses (on most models)
  • super lightweight, thanks to the use of innovative materials such as kynetium, grilamid, carbon and titanium, and an open frame design
  • protection from wind, dust and shocks due to falls thanks to our ImpactX™ lens technology, guaranteed unbreakable for life
  • Tennis glasses allow a perfect vision in all weather and light conditions with RP Optics lenses, which offer total protection from the sun, and the photochromic lenses, capable of handling the various spectrums of light during an entire day (morning to evening)

Our Products Feature:

Rudy Project also offers a wide range of prescription Tennis glasses for those with corrective needs. Simply look for the Rx icon on each product page to determine if the sunglass is Rx-able.