Rudy Project Sport Product Selector
Each pair of Rudy Project sport performance sunglasses and goggles along with our helmets are built for your active lifestyle. Use the product selector below to see what products we recommend for your sport! Keep in mind this is just what we recommend and all Rudy Project products are built for comfort and performance. Made in Italy since 1985, we work hard but play harder!
Baseball Sunglasses
Extreme visual clarity to ensure you keep your eyes on the ball all the time.
Beach Volleyball Sunglasses
Rudy Project sport sunglasses give you maximum protection & total comfort.
Cycling Sunglasses and Helmets and Gear
Rudy Project is 'on' the head and 'on' the eyes of the very best in the cycling field.
Driving Sunglasses
Elimination of the sun's reflections for an ideal view of the road.
Fishing Sunglasses
Eliminate reflections from the sun off the water surface and increase depth perception.
Golf Sunglasses
See better means you play better. We give you the best clarity on the course & greens.
In-Line Skate Sunglasses
Adherence to the face and perfect view of the contrasts of each surface.
Motorsports Sunglasses
Exceptional protection against atmospheric agents like dust, water and wind.
Mountain Biking Sunglasses
Total protection against atmospheric agents and a perfect fit in every condition
Climbing Sunglasses
Adhering perfectly to your face, letting you concentrate on every move you make.
Running Sunglasses
Rudy Project sunglasses improve your personal performance while running.
Shooting Sunglasses
See your target, hit your target! Rudy Project helps you do this every time.
Tennis Sunglasses
Eliminate the sun's reflections and improve your game each time on the court.
Triathlon Sunglasses
Lightweight and a perfect fit so you can concentrate on your athletic performance.
Water Sunglasses
With dazzling reflections eliminated, you won't miss the winning gust.
Winter Sunglasses
Visual clarity when it's snowing or in cases of high exposure to sunlight.