Rudy Project FreeForm TEK™ Digital Rx Sport Lenses
FreeForm TEK Rx Sport Lenses

A Revolution in Rx Sport Lens Technology!
FreeForm TEK™ is not just another Rx lens technology but a true personalized vision program designed for fashion and sport wrap frames. Suitable for a wide range of prescriptions and ideal for most types of sports and outdoor activities, the FreeForm TEK™ system is a highly engineered vision solution customized to your exact prescription and developed with leading optical laboratories using extremely sophisticated edging equipment and featuring our cutting-edge lens material ImpactRx™.

With FreeForm TEK™ You Get:

• Your Customized Vision, "Edge to Edge"
• Guaranteed Unbreakable For Life
• Lighter & Stronger Than Traditional Rx Lenses
• Durable ImpactRx™ Lens Material to Withstand Extreme Conditions

Rudy Project ImpactX Photochromic Lens Technology
FreeForm TEK™ Rx Interchangeable Lenses
Eyepoint Technology
FreeForm TEK™ Eyepoint Technology
Eyepoint Technology® - The Design Inside.

Eyepoint Technology®, a patented component of Rudy Project’s FreeForm TEK™ lenses, is a dedicated ray-tracing program which combines lens surface topography data with highly advanced mathematical algorithms. It has been determined that in order to get the most precise optical measurements, one cannot assume that the optical power of the lens alone is the same power that the eye “sees” through the lens. Eyepoint Technology® simulates how the human eye will see through the lens, and then calculates the optical performance of thousands of locations covering the lens surface.

Eyepoint Technology® simulates the human eye in every angle, prescription, and field of vision. These techniques enable Rudy Project to offer the most sophisticated progressive lens surfaces based upon thousands of points of data. It’s this “design inside” that makes Rudy Project’s FreeForm TEK progressive lenses the most advanced in the world.
FreeForm TEK™ Back Surface Design

Rudy Project’s FreeForm TEK design incorporates back surface optics, an innovative way of widening the field of vision in various ranges by bringing the sighting surface closer to the eye. It also helps to remove the “swim effect.”
FreeForm TEK™ + ImpactRx™ = The Best Rx Sports Vision On The Planet

ImpactRX™ represents the most advanced technological solution in the field of vision protection. Thanks to it’s superior optical quality, ImpactRX™ lenses ensure sharp vision and unbeatable comfort. ImpactRX™ lenses are made by casting, a process which ensures lower internal stress, higher optical homogeneity and mechanical stability compared to traditional Polycarbonate lenses. ImpactRX™ lenses are stronger than any other lens material on earth, they are guaranteed unbreakable for life.
Guaranteed Unbreakable For Life
ImpactRx™ is stronger than any other lens material, guaranteed not to break or crack.
ImpactRx™ is 16% lighter than CR-39 and 10% lighter than polycarbonate lenses.
High Thermal Stability
ImpactRx™ material has high thermal stability and is not subject to distortions even when exposed to extreme temps.
Superior Optics
Superior Optics
ImpactRx™ lenses have a lower refraction index and chromatic dispersion than polycarbonate resulting in sharper images.
Available FreeForm TEK™ ImpactRx™ Tints:
ImpactX Polarized Grey
ImpactX™ Polarized Photochromic Grey
Light Transmission 16 - 40%
Medium Sunlight Intermittent Sunlight
ImpactX Polarized Brown
ImpactX™ Polarized Photochromic Brown
Light Transmission 10 - 25%
Medium Sunlight Intermittent Sunlight
ImpactX Photochromic Clear
ImpactX™ Photochromic Clear
Light Transmission 18 - 78%
Medium Sunlight Intermittent Sunlight Cloudy or Snowy Conditions Rainy Conditions
ImpactX Photochromic Clear Laser
ImpactX™ Photochromic Laser Clear
Light Transmission 16 - 62%
Medium Sunlight Intermittent Sunlight Cloudy or Snowy Conditions Rainy Conditions
ImpactX Photochromic Red
ImpactX™ Photochromic Red
Light Transmission 21 - 50%
Medium Sunlight Intermittent Sunlight
ImpactX Photochromic Golf Green
ImpactX™ Photochromic Golf Green
Light Transmission 13 - 38%
Medium Sunlight Intermittent Sunlight
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