Rudy Project Tri Suit Review

Newcomers to the sport of triathlon could be forgiven for thinking that every tri suit is the same. Our sport’s multi-colored spandex uniforms stretch to such a degree that it almost seems like one size would fit all. But reviewing several of the different suits out there will show you that the subtle differences between them yield vastly different fit, and each athlete will prefer slightly different cuts.

The suit we’re reviewing today is from a manufacturer ordinarly associated with lids and shades: Rudy Project. They’re getting into triathlon apparel, and sent us their black one-piece suit. It doesn’t come with a pretentious name, or any fanciful claims about anything. Right now you can surf to e-Rudy’s product page and find that it’s simply titled “Tri Suit Black”. There’s something very cool about that. But it’s also the sign of underdeveloped branding, and is likely to change if Rudy gets serious about its apparel. Eventually, we’ll probably be seeing something like the funky names Rudy uses on its eyewear like Ekynox and Ketyum.

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